Reservoir Reading    May 27, 2016

Gauge Reading:   48.60 or 90,250 a.f.

Percent in the Dam:     49%

Precipitation for the Month:   1.09

Precipitation beginning Oct.-Today:   11.89″

The river flow is currently:  474 cfs.

 Water will be coming on Monday, May 30.  Total orders are 99.75′ .  Orders for June will be on ODD days.


 The Board of Directors have made a second allotment  of .280 for a total of .600 af per share. 

At the water forecast meeting, NRCS made the prediction as follows:  90% chance of receiving .753 af per share,  70% chance of receiving .860 af per share, 50% chance of receiving .938 af per share,  30% chance of receiving 1.01 af per share and 10% chance of receiving a full allotment of 1.167.

  The next Monthly Board meeting will be June 7, 2016 at 11:00 at the company office.

 The 2016 Assessment was set at $ 11.75 plus $1.00 for pipeline improvements, making a total of $ 12.75 per share. This is the same as last year.

  The Canal Company has installed two gauge stations.  One is located at the platform, so the gauge at the dam will be read every 15 minutes automatically on a graph and the other  is located at the bridge crossing, before the tunnel, when water is being delivered.   The Gauge Reading website: http://waterdata.usgs.gov/id/nwis/uv?cb_00065=on&cb_70969=on&format=gif_default&period=1&begin_date=2014-03-19&end_date=2014-03-26&site_no=13106500 

Rock-Cut website :  http://waterdata.usgs.gov/id/nwis/uv/?site_no=13106000&PARAmeter_cd=00060,00060,00010.  This site only records when we are delivering water.

 The Board Members for 2016 are Mike Courtnay, Karl Joslin, Everett Messner,  Jon McGregor, and Lance Griff.

Canal Office Phone # 208-655-4220  Fax # 208-655-4288  or srccltd@filertel.com

Office Hours are 7:30am – 4:00pm Monday through Friday.  Closed Saturday and Sunday.