SalmonDamSalmon River Canal Company was formed in 1910 to operate Salmon Falls Dam and Reservoir. It is a non-profit company and has 187 Shareholders.  The Canal Company’s primary purpose is to deliver irrigation water to its shareholders on the irrigation project known as the Salmon Tract.

The Salmon Tract located south of Twin Falls, Idaho is known for its fertile soils and excellent crops.  A wide variety of crops are grown under a combination of pivots, sprinklers and gravity irrigation systems.  300 miles of main canal and laterals deliver water to the farms approximately 25,000 acres are served by the Canal Company.220px-Salmon_falls_creek

Salmon Falls Dam and Reservoir is located approximately 38 miles south of Twin Falls on Salmon Falls Creek, a tributary to the Snake River.  It is a concrete gravity arch dam 223.5 feet high with a crest length of 450 feet.  The reservoir has an area of about 3400 acres and a length of approximately 15 miles.  The main purpose of Salmon Falls Dam is for irrigation storage, and additional benefits derived from recreation.  Recreational sites have been developed by Twin Falls County Parks and Recreation and the BLM along the shoreline for fishermen, boaters, and hunters.  Lud Drexler Park offers pay camp sites with sanitary stations, water, and an RV dump station.  A variety of fish inhabit the reservoir including walleye, trout, perch, and a small mouth bass. salmondam_idaho-N0338